Key endorsements announced

Updated: Mar 27

Dr. Colette Yellow Robe (Left) and Barbara Baier, Lincoln Public Schools Board of Education member.

The Colette Yellow Robe for School Board Campaign today announced several key endorsements, including members of the Nebraska State Board of Education and Lincoln Public Schools Board of Education, as well as the Lincoln Journal Star.

The Journal Star – the state’s second largest newspaper – announced its endorsement of Yellow Robe on Tuesday, March 23.

“Colette Yellow Robe earns our other endorsement for the April race. Her background in education and her priorities of justice and equity would be valuable additions to the board’s conversations,” the newspaper’s editorial board wrote in its article announcing its endorsement.

Also announcing their endorsements recently were Nebraska State Board of Education Member Deborah O’Donnell Neary and Lincoln Public Schools Board of Education Member Barbara Baier.

Neary, who also serves as Executive Director of MENTOR Nebraska, a nonprofit that connects students to mentors, said she believes Yellow Robe would provide an essential voice for minority youth in Lincoln Public Schools.

“As a member of the Nebraska State Board of Education, I believe one of the most urgent challenges facing our education systems is the need to close the achievement gaps that exist,” Neary said. “Therefore, I believe we must elect Colette Yellow Robe to the Lincoln Public Schools board so she can help us bring equitable solutions that help every student achieve excellence!”

Baier, who serves as a grants administrator for the city of Lincoln and was first elected to the LPS Board of Education in 2005, said she has known Yellow Robe for 25 years and described her as a hard worker dedicated to educating the next generation.

In addition, she commended Yellow Robe for her work helping first generation, often minority, students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln graduate from college, as well as her work on Lincoln Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird’s multicultural advisory council.

“I first met Colette Yellow Robe over 24 years ago when she served as an AmeriCorps volunteer at Lincoln Action Program,” Baier said. “She always found time as she pursued her Ph.D. in Educational Research and single parenting two biracial sons to serve the community. She is a consistent advocate for low-income families, people of color, and the environment. Colette will bring positive change to Lincoln Public Schools by focusing on unmet needs among all students. I support Colette Yellow Robe for the Lincoln Board of Education.”

Yellow Robe thanked everyone who has endorsed her and said she would work hard to ensure that she meets their expectations as the next new LPS Board of Education member.

“Nea’ese! It’s for our future," Yellow Robe said.

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